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      發布時間:2022年03月29日     發布人: nanyuzi
      來源: 駐英國使館
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      Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Zheng Zeguang at the Launch of the 2022 “Happy Chinese New Year” Online Programme



      28 January 2022



      Dear Friends:



      It is my pleasure to launch the 2022 “Happy Chinese New Year” Online Programme. The Chinese New Year is not only the most important traditional festival in China, but also celebrated around the world. It has been one of the best loved festivals here in the UK, with diverse celebrations across the country. I am told that before the pandemic, events in London alone attracted about 700,000 people every year.



      I’d like to use four H’s to describe the Chinese New Year.



      The first H is for HOPE. As a Chinese saying goes, “A year’s success starts with what you do in spring.” It is the season when nature comes back to life and resumes its vigor. It is also a time when people make plans and get started.



      The second H is for HOME. Every year around the festival, China would experience a human migration of the biggest scale on earth. Known as “Chunyun”, over 2 billion people across the country would travel to get back home for family reunion. One video in the programme introduces the types of dishes, and their recipes, for the big dinner on the eve of the Chinese New Year. I hope it will bring you some enjoyment during your stay-home holiday. In the face of many major challenges such as the pandemic, the Chinese people are always united as one because we believe that the country is a big family, and the destinies of individual families and the entire country are closely connected. The world is also a big family. In this global village, all countries are interdependent and part of a community with a shared future. In the face of the common challenges, such as climate change and Covid-19, we must reject division and embrace solidarity. We must look out for each other to overcome the difficulties of our time.



      The third H is for HARMONY. Ancient Chinese wisdom tells us, “All living creatures grow together without harming each other; all roads run parallel without interfering with one another.” The Chinese people, since ancient times, value harmony between man and nature. We believe that man must follow the law of nature, and use what nature has to offer at the appropriate time and with restraint. This is the way to stay in harmony with nature. Today as we address the global ecological challenges, the wisdom of “harmony between man and nature” offers an answer and breathes new life into the sustainable development of mankind. As a tradition, we Chinese also believe that “Harmony in the family leads to success in everything”. In handling the relations between people as well as states, the Chinese people respect diversity and seek harmony. Countries of the world are different not only in history, cultural heritage and social system, but also in basic national conditions, development stage and growth model. Only by respecting each other and keeping an open mind, can we live in harmony, learn from each other and grow together.



      The fourth H stands for HEALTH. Coming into the third year since the outbreak of Covid-19, the pandemic remains a challenge to life, health and global economic development. The very best wish that people would like to send to family and friends is no doubt “good health”. In this unprecedented battle, China is grateful for the support and help from many countries, and we reciprocate such kindness with a massive global humanitarian campaign. China has provided over 2 billion doses of vaccines to more than 120 countries and international organisations. It is China’s belief that countries of the world should work together to bridge the “inoculation gap” and accelerate the building of a community of health for all.



      Dear Friends:



      This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of ambassadorial diplomatic relations between China and the UK. The achievements of our cooperation in areas of education, culture, economy, trade, sports and tourism in the past 50 years are remarkable and self-evident. The people of both countries benefit tremendously from this partnership and supports its further development.



      Standing at the new historical juncture, let’s join hands to promote further progress in the exchanges and cooperation between our two countries.



      In a few days, the Chinese New Year of the Tiger will begin, followed by the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics. It will be a doubly joyous occasion! We all wish the Beijing Winter Olympics great success and athletes from China, the UK and other countries excellent performance!



      In the Chinese culture, “tiger” is a symbol of courage and fortitude. Let’s emulate this spirit and join hands to strive for greater progress in China-UK relations.



      With this, I wish you and your family a happy, healthy, harmonious and prosperous Chinese New Year!



      Thank you!