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      發布時間:2022年06月20日     發布人: nanyuzi
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      Together for a Shared Future After Forty Extraordinary Year



      Ambassador Zhou Haicheng and Vanuatu Foreign Minister Marc Ati Published an Article on Vanuatu Daily Post




      22 March 2022


      On 26 March 1982, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of Vanuatu officially established diplomatic relations, opening a new era of bilateral relations for the newly independent Vanuatu and the PRC as a growing powerhouse for the world. Guided by a common vision and aspiration for common and resilient development that leaves no one behind, China-Vanuatu relations have matured through trials and hardships over the past 40 years, and is a model for relations between China and Pacific Island Countries (PIC’s).



      Over the past 40 years, China and Vanuatu worked tirelessly and continuously to deepen political mutual trust, and enhance mutual development cooperation. This denotes respect for each other’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, the independent choosing of development pathways suited to respective national conditions, mutual understanding and support on issues involving each other’s core interests and concerns. Vanuatu firmly abides by the One-China Policy as an important pillar of its foreign policy and the cornerstone of China-Vanuatu relations. In 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with PIC Leaders, where all agreed to elevate their relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership featuring mutual respect and common development, opening a new chapter in China-Vanuatu all-round cooperation.



      In 2019, China and Vanuatu signed a Cooperation Plan within the Framework of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), as the blueprint for wider and deeper practical cooperation in areas of common interest. In 2021, foreign ministers of China and PIC’s jointly agreed on a mechanism of regular meetings, creating a pathway to closer collaboration and communication on policies. To date, seven (7) political parties in Vanuatu have established contact with the Communist Party of China (CPC). Ni-Vanuatu party leaders actively participated in the CPC and World Political Parties Summit and the PIC’s-China Political Leadership Dialogue, where together we discussed ways to strengthen party-to-party cooperation, and in working to enhance our people’s livelihoods. Party-to-party exchanges have already become a key driving force and distinctive feature of China-Vanuatu relations.



      Over the past 40 years, China and Vanuatu have continuously expanded practical cooperation. In recent years, the two countries have signed more than 10 cooperation documents in fishery, maritime affairs, technology, civil aviation transport, infrastructure, and police exchanges and cooperation, making every effort to promote practical exchanges and cooperation across the board. China has always spared no effort in providing assistance to Vanuatu with no strings attached. The assistance has effectively boosted Vanuatu’s national development, well improved people’s livelihood, and widely won praise from all walks of life in Vanuatu. The Parliament Building, the Prime Minister’s Office, the National Convention Center, and the Korman Stadium become milestones that witness China-Vanuatu friendship. Hailed as “The Roads of Hope” by Ni-Vanuatu, the Tanna Road and Malekula Road connect communities and villages, and promote Vanuatu’s agriculture and tourism development.



      The operation of the fish processing plant (Sino-Van Fisheries Ltd.), a joint venture between the Vanuatu Government and a Chinese company, opened a new chapter in the development of Vanuatu’s fishing industry and enabled Vanuatu to export tuna, as well as support domestic demand in Vanuatu. To further promote Vanuatu’s export of niche products to China and enrich economic cooperation, China invited the Vanuatu Government and Vanuatu enterprises to the China International Import Expo (CIIE) for four consecutive years, and extended the zero-tariff treatment for 98% of Vanuatu’s tax products. Amidst the ravages of COVID-19, China and Vanuatu stood shoulder to shoulder, and helped each other out in the true spirit of friendship and solidarity. China quickly responded to Vanuatu’s request and provided batches of medical supplies, including 100,000 doses of Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines, giving firm support to Vanuatu’s pandemic response. This cooperation also extended to support for nationals within respective borders during extended periods of lockdown, and respect for national COVID protocols, especially by Vanuatu students in China and Chinese nationals involved in development projects across Vanuatu.



      Over the past 40 years, China and Vanuatu have continuously deepened people-to-people exchanges. Deemed as “the beacon of hope” in Vanuatu, and seen as the key to poverty alleviation in China, education is a high priority to both countries. China offers around 20 government scholarships and hundreds of training opportunities to Vanuatu every year, in an effort to support Vanuatu’s human resources development and alleviate intergenerational poverty. Many Ni-Vanuatu graduates from China have become the backbone of Vanuatu’s development. Farmers with modern agricultural technology and young entrepreneurs have grown up through bilateral training programs. Meanwhile, the number of Ni-Vanuatu students taking an interest in learning Chinese and studying in China continues to rise, and the Chinese Government Scholarship has gained wider recognition. Since the 1980’s, the Chinese government has sent over 200 Chinese doctors to Vanuatu, providing Medicare service in two resident medical teams. China also sent Peace Ark (Chinese Navy hospital ship) and medical teams from different provinces and cities to provide free medical service to Ni-Vanuatu. These developments have not only enhanced people-to-people exchanges between our two peoples, but have also added to the strengthening of key social sectors, in Vanuatu’s health and education sectors.



      The past 40 years of our relations show that the path jointly chosen by China and Vanuatu to develop bilateral relations is right. For four decades, we have always been good friends who treat each other with sincerity and mutual respect, good partners who work together for development and mutual benefits, and good brothers who understand and learn from each other. All these not only ensure healthy and stable development of China-Vanuatu comprehensive strategic partnership, but also vividly interprets the true meaning of “a community with a shared future for mankind”.



      As developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, China and Vanuatu both highly value independence, self-reliance and self-improvement, and are both striving to meet our people’s aspirations for a better life. China and Vanuatu enjoy huge cooperation potential in areas such as agriculture, forestry, fishery, public health, infrastructure, transportation, telecommunications, trade, finance, education, tourism, culture, maritime development, climate change response and sustainable development. As China further deepens reform and opens its door even wider, the nation with a population of 1.4 billion people and a middle-income group of 400 million people will surely offer more opportunities to Vanuatu in trade and development.



      Standing at the peak of relations in the 40-year history, China and Vanuatu will embark on a new journey in full sail. We are ready to deepen our friendship and cooperation with solidarity and sincerity. We will promote greater synergy between the Global Development Initiative (GDI) and Vanuatu 2030: The People’s Plan. We will further enhance friendly exchanges and practical cooperation within the BRI framework, and maintain closer communication and coordination on international affairs – together for a better future of China-Vanuatu relations!