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      The Secrets to Adele’s Success
      發布時間:2022年05月01日     趙晨輝 譯  
      來源: 英語世界
      字號 簡體 繁體 打印

      The Secrets to Adele’s Success



      By Alan Cross




      Adele, the most famous and successful mononymous1 person in music since Prince2, is having yet another moment.




      Her 30 album, released in November 2021, set a pre-order record of more than one million on iTunes3. Sony, her label4, put in an order for 500,000 vinyl copies more than six months earlier in order to meet the expected demand. This exacerbated5 the already dire shortage of polyvinyl chloride that’s been dogging the recorded music industry for the last 18 months. The gigantic order from Sony forced an untold number of other artists to seek pressing6 plants overseas, delaying their vinyl plans by months.


      她的音樂專輯《30》于2021年11月發行, 在iTunes上創下了超過100萬套的預購紀錄。過去18個月,聚氯乙烯的嚴重短缺一直困擾著唱片行業,阿黛爾簽約唱片的索尼公司為了滿足預期的市場需求,提前6個多月預定了50萬張黑膠唱片,加劇了這一困境。索尼公司的巨額訂單使無數其他歌手不得不到海外尋找唱片工廠,使他們的黑膠唱片生產計劃推遲數月。


      Her One Night Only TV special with Oprah Winfrey earlier that month (Nov. 12) drew more eyeballs than both the Grammys and the Academy Awards. We haven’t seen this kind of prime-time attention for a single artist since ABCTV pre-empted7 prime-time programming for the debut of the Scream video from Michael Jackson back in June 1995.


      那月早些時候(11月12日), 她與奧普拉·溫弗瑞合作的電視特別節目《僅此一夜》比格萊美獎和奧斯卡獎吸引了更多的眼球。自從1995年6月美國廣播公司在電視臺黃金時段插播邁克爾·杰克遜《尖叫》的首發視頻,我們還沒有見過哪個藝人在黃金時段受到如此關注。


      The white pantsuit she wore for the interview is being hailed as a dress-for-power masterstroke by the chattering fashionistas. If you’ve stood in line at the drugstore recently, you’ll have seen her on the cover of half a dozen magazines looking quite glamorous.




      When she does head out on tour, demand for tickets will be as high, if not more insane, than anything that’s come before.




      Adele is the biggest anomaly8 in all of recorded music today. Other than Taylor Swift (and perhaps BTS), no one is able to move more physical products in an industry where 85 per cent of all revenues now come from streaming9.




      Adele is the kind of artist we used to see in the pre-internet era when you could have a global consensus that someone was worth listening to. It’s a sentiment that crosses all demos10.




      She has a divine singing voice that seems at odds with her North London/Cockney accent. And yes, she’s an accomplished songwriter who knows how to pick the perfect collaborators. Her record label gives her space and a chance to gather new experiences to sing about.




      But I think the essence of Adele’s popularity is simple. She’s just so bloody likeable.




      Whenever the woman appears in public, she’s a sheer delight, bubbly, funny, occasionally self-deprecating, and just profane11 enough to make you wish you could spend a night down at the pub listening to her tell stories. Even though she’s sold over 120 million albums, her public image is one of a relatable12 human being. She comes off as familiar and fun in an intimate sort of way that few artists have ever achieved.




      She’s so engaging that you don’t even have to like her music to like Adele.




      Here’s something that hasn’t been discussed much: Adele isn’t about extending her brand through product endorsements and other non-music revenue streams. By sticking with just her music, she comes off as more authentic than all of her contemporaries who are shilling13 various products.




      Another thing about The Adele Factor: We need to look at what was happening when she broke into the business more than a decade ago. Adele started her career right at the end of the CD era. Many who bought her first record were the kind of music consumers who purchased two or three CDs a year, usually at a department store or off the counter at a coffee shop. And when streaming took off, those early fans continued to prefer buying CDs, perhaps out of habit. Meanwhile, younger fans flocked to download her music from iTunes. (Hello, the first single from 25, sold a million digital tracks14 in a week back in 2015.)




      Here’s another thought: After 20 months of COVID-19, the world needs a hero(ine), a good-humoured superstar who can bring everyone together. Maybe Adele is the one to do it.








      1. mononymous 單名的;只說一個名字(而不是名字和姓氏)就知道是誰的。


      2. 原名普林斯·羅杰斯·內爾森(Prince Rogers Nelson,1958—2016),美國流行歌手、詞曲作家、音樂家、演員。


      3. 蘋果官方推出的數字媒體播放與管理應用程序。


      4. label唱片公司。


      5. exacerbate 使惡化,使加劇,使加重。


      6. pressing 同批次的模壓激光唱片。


      7. pre-empt 代替,取代(電視節目)。


      8. anomaly 異常的人,非常規事物。


      9. streaming(音頻或視頻的)流動式接收,在線收聽(或收看)。


      10. demo(音樂的)試用版,樣帶。


      11. profane 世俗的。


      12. relatable 可明白的,可理解的。


      13. shill(尤指假扮顧客)誘人購物。


      14. track(光盤、錄音磁帶等上的)一首歌,一支樂曲。